Choose a Card and Find Out Which Emotional Wound You Need to Heal!

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  1. Patch says:

    Card number one was very interesting, i and my parents didn’t get on at all, in fact they let i down, and when they both passed away even worse, in fact it has caused i to perpetuate what my mother did to i and my brother and two sisters, to my own two children who want nothing to do with i, because i wasn’t there for them, also my father caused i and my brother to live on the street, i live alone and distance my self from relationships with women, i don’t hate women and iam not afraid of being on my own, i just don’t think i can make any women happy, i haven’t had very good relationships because of wrong choices, and the (spiritual stuffing) has been knocked out of i, some one said to i once( that love will not knock on your door the way it should and that u will have to go out there and look for it) and when ever i have looked it doesn’t turn out the way it should.
    Everything i thought relationships and married life is supposed to b doesn’t mean anything because my parents didn’t set the example.
    So i can relate to card one.

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